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How a Movement Became The Society

Everyone knows me as thee "Healthy Hair Stylist", and my Lux Beauties love me for how I help them take care of their hair. However, not many people know why I decided to focus on healthy hair above all other things.

It all started in Cleveland, my hometown. I had so many children, teens and grown women who had unhealthy hair. The sad part was that many of them didn't even know that their hair was unhealthy! I started to realize that most of their hair issues came from a lack of proper hair education, and not having a trusted stylist to go to that takes pride in healthy hair. I took the time to discuss their personal hair care routines, started giving personalized suggestions, and worked with each of my Lux Beauties to help them reach their individual hair goals. I noticed that by listening to my Lux Beauties and giving them even basic hair care information I was able to help them see results so much faster.

Life was good. Then, I moved to Houston. I made my move to provide a better life for my family, but I still felt guilty for leaving my Lux Beauties. Plus, my Houston Lux Beauties were having the same healthy hair issues as my Cleveland Beauties. So, I decided to do something about it. I started meeting with my Brand Consultant and we came up with a plan.

We started with the Healthy Hair Movement so that I could provide all of my Lux Beauties with the hair education they need to meet their healthy hair goals. But, that wasn't big enough! As my Lux Beauties began getting more and more attention because of how healthy their hair was people started looking for me. I was soon getting calls, emails, DM's, posts, tags, etc from women from women all over the US. So, I met with my Brand Consultant again and we came up with an even bigger plan.

We created The Healthy Hair society because l needed to be able to help everyone across the globe; no matter, if you're a local Lux Beauty or a Lux Beauty from afar everyone could use a little help reaching their goals. Not many people know what it takes to get started on their journey. Even fewer people know what it takes to stay on track. So, we created plans that help everyone set and understand their healthy hair goals. The key to doing anything well is consistency. So, we made sure that everyone could also get support throughout their journies by providing them with regular hair care education, automatic healthy hair alerts, product and service suggestions, hair care consultations, and more. Plus, we created the SL Healthy Hair Diary where anyone can go to write down their goals, keep track of their progress, and find other Healthy Hair Society members to help hold them accountable and help them stick to their goals.

We wanted the plans to be easy to start and simple to follow so we made the basic platform free. Anyone can join The Society, have access to healthy hair education, and start their healthy hair journey. We also included the A-list for women who need help staying on track with their healthy hair appointments. A-listers get specialized alerts letting them know when to go see their stylist for special treatments and additional hair care tips and suggestions. The Society Socialites status was created for women with extremely damaged hair, have special hair care needs, and for those who are serious about reaching their healthy hair goals as quickly as possible. Socialites receive an initial hair consultation over the phone, a personalized hair care plan, personalized alerts based on their healthy hair needs, Socialite Sunday's (monthly hair care consultations), plus additional product suggestions, and hair education.

We opened up the Society to the first few hundred ladies who signed up, and we're currently testing the product. We also have a wait list for those who didn't sign up by the first cut off date, and they'll be the first to know when the Society opens back up. We plan to open up the second round by the end of summer 18, and launch the final product by the beginning of 2019 so stay tuned!


Ronnita B. Huff

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