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Ronnita Bugg-Huff is considered one of the top stylists in Cleveland, OH, soon to be one of Houston's finest as well. To her clients her passion, skill, and personality are second to none.


After being inspired by her older sister April's interest in hair, and motivated by her mothers unwillingness to pay for professional styling, she taught herself how to style hair at the tender age of 13. She quickly realized that this is where her life's passion lay. When she decided to attend Regency Beauty Institute (North Olmsted, OH) for her formal training she had already been equipped with several years of experience as a stylist and an entrepreneur. In just two short years after graduating Regency and becoming a licensed professional Ronnita opened Studio Lux Salon in 2011.


She is known for her attention to detail and unmatched creativity with all textures, types, lengths, and styles of hair. Her advanced training coupled with her perfectionist personality has revered her as a Master Hair Extensionists and Precision Cutting Expert.


Over the course of her career she fell in love with High Fashion hair styling working on several fashion shows such as Fashion Goes Pink (Cleveland, OH), The Walk Fashion show (Detroit, MI), and Project Model Fashion show (Cleveland, OH) and more recently The Project Fashion Show (Houston) where she is the lead Hairstylist and manager. Her love for the Hair/Fashion industry has propelled her into the roll of a Runway Hairstylist. Her work has been featured in a number of local and International magazines to sold out tours. She has been a hair stylist to Cleveland's own Z107.9 Radio Personality Tropicana, Vh1 Reality TV star Miss Unique, Karen Civil and Drake's Summer '16 Tour Dancer; Nqobile. In addition to that, she frequently works with an up-and-coming singer Lorine Chia. Ronnita's work is featured in two of Lorine Chia's music videos; “Eve's Perspective” and “Lost in My Mind”. Ronnita's story has also been featured on the Regency Beauty Institute's website and YouTube channel.












As a way to further distinguish herself Ronnita created The RB Experience; which ensures that as a client you receive much more than the services you pay for. From the time you enter the salon to the time you leave you are immersed in a warm, inviting, and uplifting "home-away-from-home" environment. She has created a place where it's easy to get comfortable, relax, be pampered, let your hair down(literally), and just have some good, pure fun as you're filled with the empowering, stunning and ultra sexy sound of Mrs. Carter, Queen Bey, Sasha Fierce...Beyonce!


                                                                                                Although she loves her clients and enjoys working behind                                                                                                      the chair Ronnita is a highly motivated and ambitious                                                                                                            stylist; she is always looking for ways to push her limits and                                                                                                  improve her craft. She has set her goals on becoming a                                                                                                          traveling stylist; working on movie sets, video shoots,                                                                                                              fashion  shows and has moved to Houston, TX to grow her                                                                                                    business and expand her brand. With so many exciting                                                                                                          things in the works, Ronnita is sure to continually become                                                                                                    more successful as time goes on. To watch Ronnita's                                                                                                                journey unfold, follow RONNITA B HUFF on social                                                                                                                media and the RB blog.


                                                                                                Ronnita's craft is truly her passion so if you’re in need of an amazing hair stylist and a fun, refreshing experience schedule your RB Experience today!


Ronnita B. Huff

"I do what I do because I love making others feel the beauty that's already there."

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