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Don't be Afraid to Risk it


I say it all the time and I will say it until the end of time. Take risks while you can or die with regrets. In my life the more risks I take the more success I see. When I moved to Houston it was the biggest risk I had taken in my career, and it was a hard decision to make. I was already a successful salon owner of six years, I was happy with my life, and I was comfortable, but, there was a bigger picture or greater purpose at work. My husband and l wanted a bigger and better life for ourselves and our children. We also wanted to be able to open doors to help our family and friends that were also ready to step out on faith and take the risks necessary to upgrade their lives.

Starting over from scratch wasn’t an easy task. Houston is a bigger city that is very different from Cleveland, on top of the fact that I had to leave behind hundreds of loyal clients who I had grown to love as family. That was a scary move! lol I quickly realized that there are a lot of Houstonians who fit my clientele, but I didn't know how to catch their attention.Figuring out how to carve out my own space in this big city took some time, and a whole lot of work! My brand manager and l tested so many different ideas, promotions, and concepts to get an understanding of what my Houston Lux Beauties would respond to. Finally, we figured out what Houston was missing and we capitalized on the opportunity to be the ones to fill that need. Two years later I have been blessed to grow my business beyond what I could have imagined and I'm so excited about some of the newest changes coming soon (Stay tuned. You won't want to miss it!).

When I moved to Houston I had ZERO clients, but I moved anyway. When I got my own suite I didn't have a steady clientele, but I signed that lease anyway. My goals at first were to just have the courage to make those types of moves and stay strong during the struggle. Then my goal was to make enough money to keep our family out of the poor house. Fast forward two years, and my goals have gotten a whole lot bigger! Recently I set a goal to have 500 clients in my books before my anniversary (May 17th), and honestly, I wasn't sure I could do it. This goal was huge for me because it took me six years to build a strong clientele in Cleveland, a place I loved, had friends, family, and connections, a place that was familiar and comfortable to me, and a place where I was well known and fairly successful. Now my goal was to almost double the clientele I had in Cleveland, do it in less than half the time, and all in a city where I knew only a handful of people. But, once I tell myself I'm going to do something, I have to do it! I worked hard, built a strong team around me and now l am blessed to say that I DID IT! I have had the honor of styling over 500 Houston Lux Beauties and that number is still growing. THANK YOU HOUSTON!

I am proud of what I have accomplished this far and excited about what's to come. It wasn't easy but I kept the faith, worked hard, surrounded myself with good people, and stayed consistent; now I know it was the best decision I have ever made. I have to send a huge thank you to my husband for always believing in me, and for working hard everyday so that I can take the risks I take knowing that he'll be there to catch me if I fall. I also want to thank my brand manager. I've come so far and I seriously don't know where I would have been without your help, I could not have done this without your company. Thank you! Last, but not least I want to thank all my friends for supporting me over the years and for all my amazing Lux beauties for trusting me to care for your hair and allowing me to be your Stylist. I love you all.

I write my blog as an open letter of encouragement to all my Lux Beauties. My story is a true example of why it's so important to leave your fears behind, and step out of your comfort zone if you want to elevate your life. If I never stepped out of my comfort zoneI would have settled for being a good stylist making good money, and I may have never realized how much more I had to offer the world. So, go ahead take those risks, and discover your greatness. You’ll learn from your journey, and have a story that can help someone else facing the same situation in the future.

Ronnita B Huff

Live ✨Love ✨Lux

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