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The Luxlight

The hair business can be tough. Trends are always changing, costs are always rising, and clients demand the best 100% of the time. So, starting fresh in a new city where I didn't know the trends, wasn't sure of the costs, and with zero clients I was terrified. Especially knowing what I was leaving behind. I came from having a big clientele at Studio Lux Salon (Cleveland,Ohio); where I was setting trends and costs were a non-factor because my Lux Beauties were the best clients a stylist could ever ask for. Not only were they loyal but they tipped well too! lol

While transitioning to Studio Lux Houston I really didn't know what to expect. So many questions kept running through my mind... Was I going to find clients that would be as loving and supportive as my Lux Beauties back home? Will they like my work? Will they refer their friends and family? Can I really do this? I could go on and on; I had hundreds of questions constantly swirling in my head making the whole thing seem like a bad idea. But, I jumped anyway!

Well, a few of those questions have been answered. Yes they do love my work, yes they do refer their friends and family, and most importantly YES I have been blessed with some amazing clients!

This blog is to put the Lux-light on one Lux Beauty in particular Latasha Josey. She has been one of my number one supporters since the opening of Studio Lux Houston. Every time I turn around she is spreading the word about how much she loves the Lux Life/her RB experience via social media, cards, friends and more. I'm so grateful for the support she consistently shows me and it motivates me to work hard to continue to provide the best experience possible.

Her support really proves to me that the love is any and everywhere you go. As long as you're professional, great at what you do, friendly, and welcoming you will be successful. The thought of starting over is and was very scary for me so, I want to thank all of my Houston and Cleveland beauties for your continued support throughout this entire transition, I truly appreciate it. But, I really need to send an extra special thank you to you Latasha. In fact I had to write a blog about it just so that I could share it with the world!

Latasha, you have sent (and keep sending) so many ladies my way and you keep me in everyone's news feed. You have earned a few Free services and still will not accept them! lol Now, you have a Free length check shirt waiting on you girl... Make sure you pick up your thank you gift during your next visit.

Thank you so much for trusting me with not only your beautiful hair but your girls' hair also. You are most definitely one of Studio Lux Houston's VIP Beauties. We love you😘

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