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It's no secret, Studio Lux is all about healthy hair. In fact we're your Healthy Hair Headquarters. We talk about healthy hair so much because we believe that "good hair" is healthy hair. Your hair is just as much a part of who you are as your smile... And when your hair is healthy and happy you will definitely smile more!

We love that our Lux Beauties are just as excited about healthy hair as we are, but sometimes people think that means hair treatments, regular trims, and silky wraps. Those services are definitely a part of keeping your hair healthy, but the truth is that no matter what style you want we can make it happen. We simply focus on healthy hair first! We assess your hair and make sure it can handle the style you're requesting. If we are not confident that your hair can handle the style we will help you find an alternative style that will look just as good as it will make you feel (we may decide a different procedure or a different style will better suit your hair needs).

Here's a few of our other key services for you to enjoy at your next experience:

  • Sew in's: Protect your natural hair and rock a different look for the next 6-8 weeks.

  • Sew in on a Cap: Pay for a sew in once and keep your style for years!

  • Highlights: Color adds personality! Give your hair a pick me up with a fun pop of color.

  • Clip-in install: Get a few clip-ins to quickly add length, fullness, or color.

  • Bob cut: Bob's are always in style! Whether you're looking for a traditional bob, a blunt cut bob, or a bob with a sultry bang; we can help you achieve the perfect look.

Healthy hair will always be our top priority but we also love making our Lux Beauties feel good with services like short cuts, ponytails, buns, up-do's, and more. We also have a whole list of Lux Upgrades such as adding curls, lash extensions, brow waxes, and more. For the complete list of Lux services check out the Houston appointments tab in the RBexperience app.

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