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5 Lux Upgrades every woman needs to experience

Enhance your regular Healthy Hair experience with one of these amazing upgrades. These 5 upgrades put the cherry on top!

  1. Sultry- Turn up the heat on your style with a sultry pop of color. Our Lux Highlights will add the spark your style needs to keep you feeling sexy longer.

  2. Flawless - Refine your look and feel flawless for 4-6 weeks with eyebrows groomed to Lux perfection.

  3. Edgy- Be bold, kick things up a notch or two, and add some pizzazz with a precision bob cut. Keep your length while adding a taste of body, a touch of personality, and a pinch of perfection to your look. Experience longer lasting curls and fuller looking hair with a gorgeous Lux Bob.

  4. Alluring - Add a little(or a lot) of Lux glamour, style and seduction with our alluring Lux Lash Extensions. Stay dolled up for 1-2 weeks without ever having to touch your mascara.

  5. Refreshing - Give your dry, dull, or damaged hair a much needed pick me up with our refreshing Lux Hydration Treatment.

Want to know more? Ask your stylist during your next experience!

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