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Let me count the ways

At Studio Lux we love our Lux Beauties and we do more than just talk about it, we show it! We have loyalty points, appreciation events, and many other exclusive member rewards and gifts. In fact we have so many ways to show our Lux Beauties love we decided to list them to help us all keep track! Let's count the ways to earn perks at Studio Lux.

Click each link to learn more.

  1. Join the Healthy Hair Movement. When you join the FREE Healthy Hair Movement you will not only learn how to take better care of your hair, but you'll also receive your Healthy Hair Forever (#HairGoals) Pass, exclusive pricing on select services, bestie passes, plus other great members only prizes and rewards. Upgrade and receive even more Lux Perks.

  2. Take care of your hair. Earn Lux Loyalty Points for every Lux Experience (even when you use your Healthy Hair Experience Pass!). Download the RBexperience app to earn Lux Loyalty points.

  3. Check-in. Check-in on Facebook during your visit and receive Lux Loyalty Points.

  4. Frequently check the SpeciaLux tab. We often have specials and ongoing events

  5. Take Selfies. You should be rewarded for how beautiful your selfies are! Go to the Virtual Consultation tab in the RBexperience app and click on "Submit a great selfie to win".

  6. Tell a friend. Earn Lux Loyalty Points and extra Lux Perks for every friend you refer.

  7. Do a little light reading. Many of the answers to our Lux trivia questions can be found in the RB blogs. So, read up and be ready to win!

  8. Follow us. We run and or announce all of our contests on our social media pages so make sure you're connected!



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