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The wait is OVER!

Thats's right ladies; you've waited long enough and now your wait is finally over! Today is the day we've all been waiting for! My Brand Specialist (Tenia) at Autumn Morning Marketing and I have ben working hard to put together something that I know you're going to love because you're the reason why I did it!

Over the years I have met a lot of beauties with all types of hair issues. I have always helped each beauty individually, but I always wished that I could do more to help them. Then I realized that the biggest issue is that no one is taking the time to educate women on how to properly care for their hair, and that's why so many women struggle with their hair. Just like in health care proper education can help prevent bad hair health; it's like getting preventative care instead of always treating illnesses.

Well, the struggle is over ladies! You no longer have to suffer through bad hair or spend so much of your time worrying about how much damage you're doing to your hair. When you join the Studio Lux Healthy Hair Movement you will learn what it takes to properly care for your hair and you'll earn Lux Perks, more Lux Loyalty points and other rewards just for taking better care of your own hair.

As usual all my Lux Beauties enjoy their experiences in a happy, vibrant, comfortable, and intimate setting. We never overbook our appointments, and we take our time with your hair. So, every Lux beauty enjoys no waiting, personal attention, and great service.

At Studio Lux we believe that you should ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and that includes your hair! When your hair is healthy, strong, and beautiful it makes you feel the same way. We're helping our Lux Beauties take charge and conquer the world one Lux Experience at a time.

So, join the Movement, become a member, and take charge of your hair's health. This Movement is a fresh new and unique type of rewards program that was designed with you in mind. The best part is that there's nothing out there like the Studio Lux Healthy Hair Movement, and you can join for FREE! Come be a part of something great and get rewarded for taking better care of your hair.

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