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Hair grows and ends split

My Lux Beauties work hard to maintain their strong, healthy, beautiful hair. So as a Healthy Hair Specialist I do everything I can to help my Beauties reach their hair goals. I've talked about this before but, I need to mention it again. If your hair is growing your ends are splitting! There's really no way around it. But, no matter how much I preach about the benefits of clipping your ends, or why you should't be afraid of clipping your ends I still have new Lux Beauties and even a few seasoned Beauties that refuse to get a trim! I'm constantly explaining that everyone gets split ends, its just what happens to hair.

The things we regularly do to (or use on) our hair such as washing and blow drying, brushing and coming, highlighting, dying, relaxing, and styling our hair all cause split ends. In addition to that the chemicals in the products we use daily, environmental factors, and our genetics also contribute to how much and how often our hair splits.

That's life! But, our job is to stay on top of it with proper care and regular trims. This is the best way to avoid the split from traveling up the hair shaft and ruining your hair. I understand the big thing is to have "inches". lol But your ends and shaft need to look healthy along with your inches or you'll end up looking like a shaggy poodle. Trust me, it's not cute! Holding on to damaged split ends because you want long hair is like drinking a pot of coffee before bed because you want to go to sleep. It makes no sense and it's counterproductive. The good news is that when we get rid of that damaged hair it makes our hair look healthier and fuller, and because of that it looks longer too!

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