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Relaxing, refreshing, comfortable, satisfying, soothing, and friendly are just some of the words our Lux Beauties used to describe their Lux experience in our latest satisfaction survey. We love hearing from our Beauties; it makes us better. So, keep the feedback coming ladies!

We consistently update and improve the Lux experience to help our Beauties de-stress and re-glam in true Lux fashion. Our Beauties love treating themselves and their hair all in one visit. We're committed to exceeding all expectations and dedicated to keeping our Lux Beauties beautiful. We have several Lux upgrades available to perfect any style and to keep you feeling flawless long after you've stepped out of the salon.

Be sure to ask for your Lux Upgrade at your next Healthy Hair Experience.


Here's a list of our most popular Lux upgrades:


Refine your look and feel flawless for 4-6 weeks with eyebrows groomed to Lux perfection.


Add a little(or a lot) of Lux glamour, style and seduction with our alluring Lux Lash Extensions. Stay dolled up for 1-2 weeks without ever having to touch your mascara.


Add some temporary spice to your life with our dazzling color extensions. Achieve a more trendy, sassy, fun, or fierce look without the long term effect of chemical treatments. Go ahead, live a little; be someone else for a week or two!


Revitalize your color and restore your shine with or high shine gloss service. Give your color the pick me up it needs to shine bright like a diamond.


Be bold, kick things up a notch or two, and add some pizazz with a precision bob cut. Keep your length while adding a taste of body, a touch of personality, and a pinch of perfection to your look. Experience longer lasting curls and fuller looking hair with a gorgeous Lux Bob.


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