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You AND your hair "are what you eat"

I have always been serious about healthy hair, which is why I started the Studio Lux Healthy Hair Movement (now the SL Healthy Hair Society). I also love teaching my RB Beauties how to do a better job of taking care of their own hair. I have several ways to help my RB Beauties maintain full heads of strong, beautiful, healthy tresses including detailed initial consultations, the RB Virtual consultation (for Society Socialites), personalized recommendations, and of course the Healthy Hair Movement (now the SL Healthy Hair Society) complete with special hair treatments, hair care information, and personal Healthy Hair Diaries.

One interesting hair fact that every RB Beauty should know is that taking care of your hair includes eating a healthy diet; what you eat comes out in your hair, skin, and nails. For example, I can usually tell when my Beauties aren't getting enough water, or when they drastically change their diets. Yes ladies your hair tells it all!

Recently I was reading up on more ways to help my RB Beauties maintain their healthy, beautiful Lux locks and I came across this great blog that talks about foods you can eat to keep your hair growing longer and stronger. Check out the link below and enjoy!

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