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The Birth of my Legacy

All month long we've been celebrating Studio Lux's birthday with games, prizes, and birthday specials! Well, now that June is pretty much over, and things have calmed down a little I wanted to take this time to share a little bit about these past five years (like a overly emotional mom giving a speech at her baby's birthday party. lol).

Studio Lux Salon Cleveland

I graduated beauty school in 2009, and worked in a salon for 2 years. I opened Studio Lux Salon with no help or guidance and trust me its wasn't easy at all! I went through hard times but they made me work harder. I learned a lot during those times. My best friend helped me plan, and she named my baby; Studio Lux.

I started out working as if I was still working for someone else. It took a few months before it really hit me that I was actually the owner of my own salon. After this amazing epiphany, I decided to have a grand opening/runway show to celebrate this new chapter in my life. The event went well and it was even featured in a local magazine.

A year later business was good (really good! lol), so I decided to update the look of the salon. I wanted my clients to be in a place that made them feel safe, comfortable, and of course beautiful. The soft lavender accented by the deep warm purple, and the hardwood floors helped me create the perfect ambiance for my RB beauties. My clients have always had a comfortable home away from home in Studio Lux; a place where they can relax, let their hair down, be themselves, and enjoy the experience (with a little Beyoncè playing in the background).

I'm happy that I was able to really focus on what my clients wanted because that helped me build solid relationships and real friendships with so many of my clients. Over the years I've had a few employees but most only lasted a few months. Then I met Casandra. She was the perfect fit for everything Studio Lux stood for, and she's been with us now for almost 3 years and counting. She's been building her brand, Polished & Poised under the SL brand, and we stand behind it. We support, encourage, and uplift each other in everything we do, which is why I loved working with her, and I am proud to use the Studio Lux brand to help her brand succeed. Casandra has so many great things planned for her brand, and I can't wait to see it all come to light!

Over the years Studio Lux team put a lot of thought, time, and hard work into our portfolios. We wanted to build our portfolios the right way so we made sure we worked with some of Cleveland's best photographers and Videographers to help us make our visions a reality. We spent a full year focusing on our vision, perfecting our craft, and building our portfolios so that we could showcase our work in the first ever Studio Lux Industry Mixer; The Art Of the Industry. Our vision was to be able to celebrate all professions within the fashion industry by combining fashion with networking to give Cleveland a fresh, fun, new and exciting type of event to look forward to. We had high standards for our event because we knew that this would set new expectations for events like this in Cleveland.

As the Studio Lux brand grows we continue to improve and expand. We recently introduced a new team member, April W. Stylist who has been a wonderful addition to the team and a great team player. She adds a unique touch to the Lux brand and we truly appreciate her for it.

Studio Lux Houston (baby #2) opened its doors in May of 2016 with a wonderful grand opening meet and greet to celebrate, and our team is still growing! We recently added Autumn Morning Marketing (AMM) Brand Specialist to be the official Brand Management Team for the Studio Lux and RBexperience brands. I have been with them for 7 months now and the growth is unbelievable! AMM has done so much to improve Studio Lux as a business and as a brand, and I can see my vision getting clearer and closer every day. We are working hard on some amazing things that will continue to grow and improve the Studio Lux and RBexpereince brands, so stay tuned!


P.s. I am truly blessed to have a great brand that others believe in. I love and appreciate each and every person that had anything to do with the opening and the growth of my company. I want to send a special thank you to you all. From my best friend Nikki to my Brand Specialist at AMM, thank you for helping me make my dreams a reality.


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