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Is your hair healthy under there?

Ladies, most of us love protective styles like bonded extensions, sew-ins, wigs, or my favorite, The RB Signature Sew-in on a Cap. They're very convenient, and they allow us to have the color, texture and length we desire (at lease for a few weeks or months. lol). The problem is we often forget the purpose of the protective style in the first place. Protective styles are supposed to give you the freedom to have any look you desire while protecting and ultimately growing your natural hair.

Under every protective style should be a head of healthy hair; short or long. It should be completely even and free of any breakage, it should be hydrated and ready for whatever plans you have for it. Your natural hair should be just as much as a style option as any protective style! Your protective style should not be used as a cover-up for "bad" hair, but as an accessory to compliment your individuality.

Most women think because they are wearing a protective style that they're protecting their hair, but if you are not treating your hair before and after every long term protective style then you are doing absolutely NOTHING for your natural hair. If you are not treating your hair regularly (between styles) you could be jeopardizing the strength and integrity of your hair. Also, if you do not properly maintain your protective style you could be causing severe damage to your hair that may result in you losing your hair; either by it being pulled out or by it needing to be cut after the style is removed.

A typical protective style maintenance routine:

The recommended time length for a sew-in is 8-12 weeks with regular upkeep maintenance every 2-3 weeks. After 12 weeks we will remove it, deep condition your natural hair, and trim your ends. Then continue with your desired style.

Whether you're growing out a relaxer, color, damaged hair or just want to put your hair away for a while, I recommend the same treatment no matter what. Routine care is the best way to protect your hair and keep it healthy. If you are seeing a professional stylist and this is not your regular routine, you should either request that your stylist focus more on a healthy hair routine or seek another stylist that can give you the look you like while maintaining the health of your natural hair.


A few hair growth tips: -Drink lots of water. -Eat foods that help with hair growth such as almonds, avocados, eggs, and salmon. - Take biotin or a hair, skin, and nail vitamin daily. -Trim every 6-8 weeks, or after every protective style. -Keep your hair hydrated.


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