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Me & Mrs. Jones

Almost one month from today I wrote about my last trip to Cleveland and how hectic/wonderful it all was. But what really brought me to Cleveland that week was to support one of my closest friends on her big day. I was excited and honored to be chosen as the matron of honor in Desi's wedding. My husband and I were able to witness the beautiful union of a couple that share a love so strong you can feel it! We were so honored to be a part of their special day I had to write a special blog about it!

The entire weekend was full of special events and moments that will forever leave us with happy memories. We started the weekend off right with the bachelorette party on Friday night. Of course we had a BALL! To help us recover from the fun we had on Friday we relaxed on Saturday, kicked our feet up, and had a good old fashioned girls sleep over in one of Downtown Cleveland best hotels. No better way to get ready for the big day!

Sunday was the day! We woke up refreshed, energized, and ready to walk down that isle. Our early morning started with Desi jumping on the bed and popping open a bottle of champagne! That was the best hotel wake-up call a girl could ask for! Next, it was on to breakfast. A few hours later we were ready for hair and make up. I wasn't in charge of hair but she couldn't get away that easily; I pitched in and did one of the flower girls hair (you know I had to add a little RB magic to my girls special day). All morning we played Beyoncé, wedding music and a few up beat songs to keep my girl calm. But, she was actually very worry free and super chill because she knew she was marrying the perfect person for her (when it's right you can feel it, and we all felt it).

They decided to have a non-traditional wedding where they did a BIG reveal and saw each other first. After that we went downtown for photos. The setting and the scenery was so beautiful! Then there was the wedding! It was an intimate and romantic candle lit moment of pure love. As I stood next to this beautiful couple that I've been waiting to say "I do" for a few years now, I started to reflect on how their past has lead them to this very moment, and what this beautiful moment means for their future together, and that was the moment that I dropped one single, solitary tear of joy (yes! I cried. okay. lol). It was the perfect way to begin a new life with your other half.

I just want to congratulate you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones once again for finding forever and for the beautiful wedding ceremony to celebrate your life together. I would also like to thank you again for allowing my husband and I to be apart of it all. You two are truly a perfect match and I'm so glad you found each other.

P.s. Remember marriage is work but the work always pays off. The years before May 15, 2016 were practice... Now let the show begin!

I love you both.


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