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Studio Lux Cleveland Sip & Snack

Going back home to see my RB beauties is always a pleasure; I love my clients so much! But this last trip was crazy! There was so much going on that I felt like I was going non-stop. It was crazy (Maybe it being Friday the 13th had something to do with it. lol). My RB beauties must have missed me as much as i missed them because they kept me booked and busy. I even added an extra day so that I could fit more people in and I was still booked to capacity. I worked sun up to sun down each day, we had our customer appreciation Sip & Snack event, I did an editorial photo shoot for the lovely Jessica Graie, and to top it all off I was the Matron of Honor in my beautiful friend, Desirè's wedding (blogs coming soon). Needless to say I was tired as HE**! But it was all worth it; I loved every minute of it! I got to spend some quality time with people I love and my RB beauties are simply the best!

That's why our team at Studio Lux Cleveland had to show our appreciation; all of our clients are amazing women and we LOVE each and every one of them! Showing our clients that we appreciate them with the Sip & Snack event meant so much to us, and from the feedback we got our clients felt the love. My RB Beauties were so happy to see me back in town and I was just as excited to see them. It really warmed my heart to see how loving and loyal my RB Beauties are to me and to Studio Lux. I was so happy to see so many of my Beauties with and without appointments come out to spend time with us and enjoy themselves for a while.

Our amazing sponsors for the event Twisted Fruits and Denise's Eats & Sweets (see contact info below) helped make this event a huge hit by providing us with delicious food and delectable treats. Everything they did was PERFECT! I definitely recommend calling them if you're hosting an event or just looking for something good to eat. We also had a little wine and a whole lot of girl talk to make the event complete.

The Sip & Snack was just supposed to be a little something special to say thank you to all current Studio Lux clients, but it ended up being so much more than that. Our shop talk has always been inspiring, motivational, emotional, fun and free but during the Sip & Snack it was even better! At Studio Lux we have always felt like we have the best clients in the world but this event has made us realize that our clients are much more than that; they're Lux family. We really enjoyed spending time with each and every one of you who came out. We want you to know how truly thankful we are to have you as part of our growing Lux family.

The turn out for the Customer Appreciation Sip & Snack was so amazing that our team at Studio Lux has decided to do more Studio Lux events! So, if you missed the Sip & Snack make sure you don't miss the next Lux Event! P.s. I'm thinking about coming back to Cleveland in June (hint, hint) ;)


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To contact our event sponsors call:

Twisted Fruits at 216.849.0614

Denise's Eats & Sweets & at 216.224.7906

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