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RBey Day

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE Beyoncè, so when I moved to Houston I was so excited because I was actually living in the city where Beyoncè was born and raised. When Bey dropped the dates for her Formation World Tour I had to be a part of that! Even though I just moved and even though I could have found a million other things to do with my time and money I had to go! I tried my hardest to resist. I was strong enough to fight the urge for the first show and I even waited a while after the second show was announced, but eventually I broke down and bought the tickets!

Even though she started the concert SUPER late (I'll forgive her this time), and I was sitting so far from the stage (because I waited so long to buy tickets), I still had so much fun and I'm glad we went! The NRG Stadium was packed, the energy was crazy, the show was amazing (I mean it was a Queen Bey concert), and I was with my rider-or-die Tiff! Every minute of that day was perfect so I decided to share a few pics.

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