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No More (Summer Hair) Drama

Spring is here and summer is coming...FAST! During the warmer months we as women become more active. Wether we're working out to get those summer bodies in order or simply trying to keep up with the kids and all of their interests and activities, we are getting busier and doing more every day!

As we spend more time on everything else we often neglect our beloved hair. We tend to think "this is life" and just accept it. But it doesn't have to be that way! Working out, having kids, or simply being busy does NOT mean you have to be a repeat bad hair day offender! NO MORE EXCUSES LADIES!!!

This "hectic hair season" make protective hair styles your BFF! Protective styles rescue your hair from heat, damage, keep it from reverting back to it's natural state (when all you want is for it to be straight!), and other menacing hair issues we face during these times.

As a way to battle this ongoing problem I have developed the RB signature sew-in on a cap, which is the ultimate protective hairstyle! The RB signature sew-in on a cap not only protects your hair, but with proper maintenance it also lasts for years! This is a better alternative to the traditional protective style because it results in even less stress on your real hair, it's easy to install, convenient and extremely versatile!

The RB signature sew-in on a cap gives you the freedom to be as active as you need to be without having to accept bad hair days or baseball caps. It's also a quick and easy way to stay fly! You can pre-order your RB signature sew-in on a cap and simply make an appointment to have it sewn in. It only takes 45 minutes! Now you can get a fresh new look on your lunch break.

For you DIY ladies... Build your collection and install your RB signature sew-in on a cap at home! With your new collection you can switch up every time the wind blows!

Never have another bad hair day. Always leave home looking flawless!

***Now for a limited time only we're offering the RB signature sew-in on a cap at a discounted price!!! Buy your first RB signature sew-in on a cap and receive 30% off your second one! (check the SpeciaLux tab in the RBexperience app for details)***

If you have specific questions or special instructions for your order go to the RB Virtual consultation tab, leave me a message and or upload a picture to show me!

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