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Faith Moves (part 1: I'm going for it!)

As a salon owner of 5 years I was able to build a strong clientele that allowed me to live comfortably. I built strong relationships with my clients and had the best coworker I could ever have asked for. We did so much together to build our individual businesses under the Studio Lux brand. I was in Cleveland, my home town, the city I love, and my career was going in the direction I wanted it to go in! I was working with the Cleveland Cavalier Scream Team, the Gladiators, some of Cleveland's best designers, photographers, videographers, models, fashion shows, radio personalities and more. My talent and the skills I've built over the years I was able to quickly build a reputation of being a highly skilled, very professional, and a well sought after stylist in Cleveland. Clients would come from all over the Greater Cleveland area, different parts of Ohio, and event travel across country to get their RBexperience. LIFE WAS GREAT!

A few years ago my husband and I decided that Cleveland, OH was not the place where we wanted to raise our family and finish our careers, and this year we decided to jump! We didn't know what was at the other end of the tunnel but we trusted God, we trusted the process, and we made the biggest faith move of our lives. On February 21, 2016 we packed our things, loaded the cars, said our goodbye's, and moved our family to Houston, TX!

It was a major change and it was nerve wrecking for all of us, but I especially had my doubts. At times it seemed unreal that I would pick up and leave everything I had worked so hard to build these past 5 years. My feelings were mixed between excitement and pure fear! We were starting fresh and Texas is truly the land of opportunity, but I was leaving so much behind.

Despite my fears I always felt that this move was happening at the right time and Houston was the right place. I am a firm believer in pushing yourself in order to reach greater success. Being comfortable is cool but having the courage to make yourself uncomfortable in order to reach higher goals is even better.

I am writing this blog because I hope that my story is enough to inspire someone else to trust God, trust themselves, reach for higher goals, and take the risks necessary to actually reach those goals. Already from this brief moment of discomfort I can see how amazing my future is going to be! Waking up to palm trees and sunshine every day is so energizing and being uncomfortable is so motivating! My current level of determination and focus is unreal, and it never would have happened if I had stayed in Cleveland and stayed comfortable.

Remember you don't have to settle in life; you deserve more, you deserve the best. The struggle is only temporary, so embrace it because it's simply preparation for something better. We only live once so instead of living with regret and doubt GO FOR IT, and rest easy knowing you did your best.


**My team and I have so many exciting projects lined up for the next few months so be sure to stay tuned!!!**

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