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Curing Scissor-phobia!

Over the years of being a professional stylist I've noticed that about 70% of African American women and children are afraid of getting their hair trimmed! Having your hair trimmed on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining longer, stronger and more healthy looking hair. Routine trims will reduce breakage and fly-aways giving your hair a more full and softer feel and a shinier, more vibrant look.

So, why are so many African Americans women suffering from what I like to call "scissorphobia"? Part of what makes the RBexperience so unique is the time I spend with each client. I take the time to really get to know them; what they like and dislike, and yes! Why they hate getting trims. What I've learned from my conversations with my Lux Beauties is that they dread trims because they feel like they're "getting a hair cut" as opposed to just a trim. We all have heard the stor of a "scissor-happy" stylist. I have heard several horror stories of that one stylist who pretty much ruined their ends forever! The stylist cut off too much hair at one time scarring my Beauty for life. Forcing them to choose a life with horrible split ends in order to "save their hair".

The real tragedy in this is that in an effort to keep their hair they are doing exactly the opposite; they're actually doing more harm than that scissor-happy stylist. Split ends will continue to split leaving the hair more and more damaged as time goes on. To truly maintain healthy ends a trim is needed every 6-8 weeks. However, some people have let the damage last so long that their first trim will usually require a lot of cutting. So, most of those scissor-happy stylists aren't really villains after all; they're just trying to get rid of ALL the damaged hair at once.

What I do to remedy this problem and to comfort my Beauties with scissorphobia is I trim as little as possible more often. One of the things my Beauties love the most about me is my patience and concern. I never want my Beauties feeling like their routine trim has turned into "the big chop". What I do for my Lux Beauties with a lot of damage is instead of trimming every 6-8 weeks I will trim a very small amount every 4 weeks until they have become comfortable with the idea of getting a trim. Once we have accomplished healthy ends I put them on a regular 6-8 week trim schedule and voilà, my Beauty is cured of scissorphobia and I have yet another happy RB beauty with a head full of healthy hair!

The RBexperience starts with healthy hair and it's always about my Lux Beauties. So, ladies be sure to book your RBexperience and schedule your routine trim today!

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