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Protecting your hair at night

Satin Bonnet/Scarf After setting your hair for the night, use a silk or satin bonnet or scarf to prevent the hair from losing moisture and from snagging on traditional cotton pillowcases. Many like to use both when wrapping the scarf around the sides while protecting the exposed hair at the top with a bonnet. Satin Pillowcase If you don't like the feeling of anything on your head while you sleep or think you just don't want to be bothered with any of the above, a satin pillowcase may be the answer for you! You can toss and turn all you like without worrying about a bonnet slipping off while still maintaining the moisture.

Staying on track with your plan

Staying on track with your hair care plan is important. If for any reason you fall off track start over when you get you trim notice. Staying true to the schedule is a big part in reaching your hair goals. If you decide to get a protective style its best to install it right after your trim and after you remove your protective style start your trim on the next cycle. If you ever get confused feel free to email us at Studioluxsalon@yahoo.com If you haven't signed up for our Hair Care Plans sign up today.


Everyone has Hair goals but most people hate the most important of healthy hair and body is H2O. My advice is to find a goal bottle of water it can be cute, big, favorite color something to help with motivating you to drink up. This will help you take in more water and help you reach your hair goals also help with overall health. Asking for additional conditioning treatments without doing your part with water intake is like cheating yourself. Post your favorite water bottle to your diary daily and let us all stay hydrated while we reach our hair goals.

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