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Makeover Houston

This one is for my fellow stylists, makeup artists, models, and anyone else in the beauty industry. As beauty professionals we are always looking for ways to set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack, and get our work noticed. One of the best ways to do that is to build a professional portfolio. That's why networking with other professionals in our industry is so important. Teaming up with great talent is the best way to build your portfolio. Yes, as a stylist I take my craft very seriously, and I aim for excellence with every style, but when you're working with a team of other professionals who are just as passionate about what they do as you are they force you to step your game up and

Faith Moves: (Part 4: Stay Strong)

As I sit back and think about all the conversations I've had with friends, clients and family about taking risk and relocating I'm getting so excited about the fact that almost all of us actually took a leap out on faith and went for it. I am so proud of myself and all my ladies who put fear aside and took control of their futures. Because, it starts when you put one foot out of our comfort zone. The struggle is real but, the bigger picture is worth every second of the struggle, and when we actually think about what we want for our lives our hearts just melt. Seeing new things, eating new food, driving down new streets, learning new things, meeting new people, and experiencing a totally diff

Summer 16

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of Drakes dancers (Nqobilè from The CEO Dancers) on the Summer Sixteen Tour and it was a true honor. We had so much fun during our time together. Nqobilé was really cool and down to earth, her skills as a dancer are amazing, and her story truly inspired me. Durning my time with her we talked, we laughed, and we took pictures as I colored, installed, cut and styled her hair. It was so amazing to see my passion grace so many stages across the country as the stunning Nqobilè did her thing during the Summer Sixteen Tour. Watching my work go from city to city, moving and shaking with the music right next to one of my favorite artists, DR

But wait! There's more...

It's no secret, Studio Lux is all about healthy hair. In fact we're your Healthy Hair Headquarters. We talk about healthy hair so much because we believe that "good hair" is healthy hair. Your hair is just as much a part of who you are as your smile... And when your hair is healthy and happy you will definitely smile more! We love that our Lux Beauties are just as excited about healthy hair as we are, but sometimes people think that means hair treatments, regular trims, and silky wraps. Those services are definitely a part of keeping your hair healthy, but the truth is that no matter what style you want we can make it happen. We simply focus on healthy hair first! We assess your hair and mak

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