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5 Lux Upgrades every woman needs to experience

Enhance your regular Healthy Hair experience with one of these amazing upgrades. These 5 upgrades put the cherry on top! Sultry- Turn up the heat on your style with a sultry pop of color. Our Lux Highlights will add the spark your style needs to keep you feeling sexy longer. Flawless - Refine your look and feel flawless for 4-6 weeks with eyebrows groomed to Lux perfection. Edgy- Be bold, kick things up a notch or two, and add some pizzazz with a precision bob cut. Keep your length while adding a taste of body, a touch of personality, and a pinch of perfection to your look. Experience longer lasting curls and fuller looking hair with a gorgeous Lux Bob. Alluring - Add a little(or a lot) of L

Let me count the ways

At Studio Lux we love our Lux Beauties and we do more than just talk about it, we show it! We have loyalty points, appreciation events, and many other exclusive member rewards and gifts. In fact we have so many ways to show our Lux Beauties love we decided to list them to help us all keep track! Let's count the ways to earn perks at Studio Lux. Click each link to learn more. Join the Healthy Hair Movement. When you join the FREE Healthy Hair Movement you will not only learn how to take better care of your hair, but you'll also receive your Healthy Hair Forever (#HairGoals) Pass, exclusive pricing on select services, bestie passes, plus other great members only prizes and rewards. Upgrade and

The wait is OVER!

Thats's right ladies; you've waited long enough and now your wait is finally over! Today is the day we've all been waiting for! My Brand Specialist (Tenia) at Autumn Morning Marketing and I have ben working hard to put together something that I know you're going to love because you're the reason why I did it! Over the years I have met a lot of beauties with all types of hair issues. I have always helped each beauty individually, but I always wished that I could do more to help them. Then I realized that the biggest issue is that no one is taking the time to educate women on how to properly care for their hair, and that's why so many women struggle with their hair. Just like in health care pr

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