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The Studio Lux Healthy Hair Movement is near! Can you hear it? In just a few days you'll be able to sign up and start enjoying the Lux Life. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come!

Your Hair's Bestie

Our passion starts with hair but it doesn't stop there. At Studio Lux we consider our Lux Beauties to be much more than clients; they become family. We develop long lasting relationships with each of our Beauties and care for their hair like it's our own. Your relationship with your stylist is very similar to a true friendship. You trust your stylist, you enjoy being around them, and most women usually confide in their stylists with issues that go beyond their hair needs. A good stylist can tell what's going on with you based on the condition of your hair and will work hard to keep it healthy. The closer you get to your stylist the better quality your hair care you will receive. A good styli

Have your cake and eat it too!

The Studio Lux stylists pride ourselves on providing impeccable service and helping each Lux Beauty reach her healthy hair goals. All Studio Lux Houston Beauties receive quality hair care with high quality products, personal attention in a private suite. Our Lux Beauties never have to suffer through long wait times, they enjoy light refreshments, girl talk, goodies, and good music (or a little reality tv. Whichever you prefer). Our Beauties also earn Lux Loyalty points for every appointment, and so many other opportunities to win prizes and earn rewards. Every woman wants to keep her hair beautiful and treat herself more often, and we've found a way to make that happen. Ladies, now you can h

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