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Hair grows and ends split

My Lux Beauties work hard to maintain their strong, healthy, beautiful hair. So as a Healthy Hair Specialist I do everything I can to help my Beauties reach their hair goals. I've talked about this before but, I need to mention it again. If your hair is growing your ends are splitting! There's really no way around it. But, no matter how much I preach about the benefits of clipping your ends, or why you should't be afraid of clipping your ends I still have new Lux Beauties and even a few seasoned Beauties that refuse to get a trim! I'm constantly explaining that everyone gets split ends, its just what happens to hair. The things we regularly do to (or use on) our hair such as washing and blow


Relaxing, refreshing, comfortable, satisfying, soothing, and friendly are just some of the words our Lux Beauties used to describe their Lux experience in our latest satisfaction survey. We love hearing from our Beauties; it makes us better. So, keep the feedback coming ladies! We consistently update and improve the Lux experience to help our Beauties de-stress and re-glam in true Lux fashion. Our Beauties love treating themselves and their hair all in one visit. We're committed to exceeding all expectations and dedicated to keeping our Lux Beauties beautiful. We have several Lux upgrades available to perfect any style and to keep you feeling flawless long after you've stepped out of the sal

The Lux Treatment

Most of us love protective styles whether it's a sew in, a wig, The RB Signature sew in on a cap :), or clip-ins. We love it all, and for a good reason. Protective styles are very convenient, versatile, and most of all they protect our hair from daily heat, pollution, product build-up and more. They allow our hair to grow with no interruptions. BUT that does not mean we are free from all hair responsibilities. We still need to take care of our natural hair before, after, and while wearing our protective style. That's why I always encourage my Lux Beauties to do a full treatment before I start the foundation which includes a deep conditioning and trim. Also, during the course of their protect

You AND your hair "are what you eat"

I have always been serious about healthy hair, which is why I started the Studio Lux Healthy Hair Movement (now the SL Healthy Hair Society). I also love teaching my RB Beauties how to do a better job of taking care of their own hair. I have several ways to help my RB Beauties maintain full heads of strong, beautiful, healthy tresses including detailed initial consultations, the RB Virtual consultation (for Society Socialites), personalized recommendations, and of course the Healthy Hair Movement (now the SL Healthy Hair Society) complete with special hair treatments, hair care information, and personal Healthy Hair Diaries. One interesting hair fact that every RB Beauty should know is that

Faith Moves (Part 3: More than a wish)

Ok so we all know about my Faith move to Houston, and if you don't check it out before reading this so that you are up to date (Faith Moves 1, Faith Moves 2). I just wanted to do a quick update, so part 3 will be short and sweet. First, I am proud to say that Studio Lux Houston is doing great! I was nervous at first, but my clientele went from 17 Beauties to 68 Beauties in 30 days! I can honestly say God knew I needed to be in my own space so that things can flow in the right direction. I was getting impatient at first; I felt like Houston wasn't paying me any attention. lol I was trying different ways to grab their attention, and for a while it didn't work. It took some time and a lot of tr

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