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Is your hair shedding or breaking?

As a stylist and Healthy Hair Specialist I have made it my duty to not only care for your hair, but to also educate you on how to properly care for your own hair. One issue that I see a lot is women not being able to tell if the strands they see coming out are due to natural shedding or if it's actual breakage. Well let me start by saying shedding is natural. You should expect to see a few strands come out here and there throughout the day; 60-100 strands per day to be exact. Some people will see more, others will see less depending on your health conditions, stress levels, your genetics and a few other factors. You'll also see more strands when you're doing things like brushing, combing, st

No More (Summer Hair) Drama

Spring is here and summer is coming...FAST! During the warmer months we as women become more active. Wether we're working out to get those summer bodies in order or simply trying to keep up with the kids and all of their interests and activities, we are getting busier and doing more every day! As we spend more time on everything else we often neglect our beloved hair. We tend to think "this is life" and just accept it. But it doesn't have to be that way! Working out, having kids, or simply being busy does NOT mean you have to be a repeat bad hair day offender! NO MORE EXCUSES LADIES!!! This "hectic hair season" make protective hair styles your BFF! Protective styles rescue your hair from hea

The Winning Selfie

In honor of Women's History Month we ran our RBWCW/Phenomenal Woman contest where we chose one RBWCW to feature on the @TheRbexperience Instagram page each week. Each RBWCW that reposted their feature was then entered into a drawing to win the grand prize of a $50 Victoria's Secret gift card! Well, it's April 1st. Time to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!! We are pleased to announce that our grand prize winner for the Phenomenal Woman Contest is @ms_scho (Sarah Scho)!!!! Congratulations from the RBexperience team! Your $50 Victoria's Secret gift card will be arriving soon (check the StudioLux tab in the RBexperience app for details). Thank you for participating and enjoy your prize!!! Be sur

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